The Resurrection of ELL

Though the variety of movements and their purposes cannot be commented upon in this wide and complex world yet the movements throw up a consistent pattern and ELL does not seem to be an exception. The brilliance of the idea of a novel movement and initiation of the movement in a grandiose manner pales into insignificance as the time passes by. The pull factors of birth gets dissipated and it becomes difficult to imagine as how such positive energies can so simply vanish into the blue. ELL went through this phase from August 2012 to second half of Jan 2013 till it was finally resurrected and today is on its dream run!!! The only saving grace was the initiation of ELL Fulfillment on the 6th of Nov 2012, the apt acronym being FLL.

Sometime around the 20th of Dec 2012, I could literally feel the steam running out of the movement. I decided to have a longish ELL towards the end of January 2013, which seemed to a near impossibility at that point in time. With around a month to go, towards the end of Dec, my whole team threw up its arms. It did not deter me. If ELL were to stand on its feet, this was the time for the clarion call. I went ahead with the proposed ELL on 23rd and 24th Jan 2013, against all prophecies of doom and one of the stalwarts moving out of the movement, as it not serving his interest. This movement was not started to serve one individual’s interest. Work expands to fill time and conversely the expertise and pace cuts down the time for momentous tasks to be accomplished.

When the going gets tough the tough gets going. Lo and behold the session known as Dimensions was a major success with two back to back ELLs and one Fulfillment session sandwiched in between. Dimensions was a grand success from all angles and the ELL organizational skills demonstrated to rise to any occasion. Confidence begets more confidence! Propelled to fly, the old topic of Ethikos for Medicos was decided to be upgraded to the level of the next ELL topic. On 23rd of March 2013 ELL 4 Ethikos for Medicos came to life with a jampacked auditorium of SSIMS & RC at Davangere, with all stakeholders being represented which set new standards for lectures in this field. Since then it has seen two more repeats at VIMS, Bellary and IMA, Shimoga both super successes.

The spread in the geographical area and the target audience increased in a manner we had not imagined. ELL 3 Repeat, Leading Through Conflict, was a major hit with the MBA students fraternity at TAPMI, Manipal, ranked as one of the top Business Schools in India. When we are on the run, the successes ought to be maxed. JSW, Steel, Bellary, provided another window of opportunity to leave ELL’s mental imprint on the young and old engineers and managers at the largest steel plant in India. It was again a back to back show on 17th and 18th of April, one Fulfillment in Life and Career and another ELL 3 Repeat, Leading Through Conflict. Fulfillment found its own feet and recent one JSW, Steel, gave us the confidence that it has become integral to ELL.

In a span of less than three months from January, ELL has established itself as the pioneering lecture series in the country with 17 events in less than 11 months, the participants strength touching around 7000! With 19th of May 2013 approaching fast, ELL gets set for the first foundation day and many ELL competitions preceding it. It’s been a small beginning, nonetheless a strong one, clearly indicating that though the task ahead is difficult and complex, the ELL Dream Team has gained the competence to chalk out a strategy and achieve in letter and spirit, to the satisfaction of one and all. The spirit of dissemination of knowledge has to soar high and it has, through the history of mankind. Yes, We Can!!! Winning is the only way we know.

Wishing ELL a great Foundation Day!