Dream Team

ELL in its nearly 10 months of existence has grown by leaps and bounds and has slowly become a known and a respected name, which is clearly manifested by the responses of participants, the feedback and clamor to have more and more of ELLs, its repeats and also the personality development part , Fulfillment. What started as a simple idea seems to be taking shape much beyond my imagination. To align to this growth, the structures supporting the ELL movement has to grow and become both robust and professional. ELL has outgrown the adhoc support systems which was being provided so far.

As the need for the well organized, experienced and competent ELL team was felt. I started to look into the modalities of its creation. There is nothing required that needed to be debated. It was a fact, a necessity of the changing times of ELL. The behavioral attitudes being sought by ELL was the capability to do truly voluntary work and being completely passionate about it. Passion led the creation of the ELL, brought us here and would take us to the sky as long the real passion is sustained. This is not a well proven fact of ELL, but a fact of life.

ELL Core Team has recently been constituted and each one being an asset in his or her own right, well qualified and accomplished with unconditional support and loyalty to the ELL cause. The team has gone through three brainstorming sessions starting from the history and philosophy of ELL to the creation and selection of the functional areas and the members who would be handling each of these areas.

The brainstorming sessions of ELL Core Team took place on 5th, 7th and 11th of March 2013 and was attended by 15 members including me covering all sessions. The initiation familiarization with the ELL structures and modalities and between the members has been satisfying to say the least. Basics of internal communication was also discussed, the values of core team working as a family and this organization would be a flat organization has been appreciated and accepted by all the members.

The Core Values of ELL is as follows:

* Passion
* Integrity
* Commitment
* Seamlessness
* Speed
* Perfect Inter-personal Understanding
* Best Usage Individual/Common Expertise

The functional areas have been decided upon and also the names of the members fulfilling those tasks. The functional areas are:

* Planning and Direction
* Communication
* Fulfillment/Dimensions
* PPTs/Website/Social Media
* Publicity/Dissemination
* Logistics/Execution
* Content
* References and Research
* Quality Standards

The table of Core Team members with the qualification, years of experience in their respective fields, email ids and mobile numbers is being up on this website separately under the same head About ELL.